Apple crumb pie

It’s been a wonderful day of baking and we’re almost done with the ovens for the night. Lots of delicious treats for Sunday market! Pictured; Apple pie with crumb topping (20 oz. apples from John @ Noto Farms), Lemon blueberry cakes, lemon cream cakes, blueberry and raspberry muffin cakes glazed, and a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake swirl brownie! For hot food we’ll be serving a delicious beef chuck roast sandwich and baked macaroni & cheese in the crock pot. And of course we’ll be promoting many of our most popular items and providing samples tomorrow! Blueberry, raspberry, brownie and carrot muffins, sour cream coffee cakes, peach & apple tarts, grandma’s breakfast cake, pumpkin Royale crunch cake, peanut butter balls, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal-cranberry cookies! Tomorrow we’ll have a cookie for any of our littlest fans who may be out “trick or treating” at market! Stop by and see us with your costume on! We really appreciate your support for local small businesses and farmers! We are blessed to have some of the best, richest, natural organic soil on the planet Earth right here in NY State! We graciously use local fruits and vegetables in our desserts! Enjoy the blessings!!

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