My Grandma

Hello JonJohn’s Bakery Friends, This is the woman behind Jonathan’s culinary gifts…his beloved Grandma, Hazel Hickson! She passed on to God in 1993 at the age of 93. She was a woman, no matter what you did or what happened, bad report card grades, divorce, a fight, a skinned knee, our lives were always surrounded by a meal. Grandma was always feeding people, not just our family. She was a woman of faith, serving the homeless, anyone in need or who just happened to stop by the house. Sunday dinners were (and still are because of her) Wonderful! My fondest memory of Grandma was being awakened in the middle of the night by the aroma of chicken frying in the pan in the next room. Even though we had school in a few hours, her agreement with us was, if we got up and enjoyed the chicken, we had to get up and be on time for school, and do well in school. And that happened often! Words can’t describe Grandma’s fried chicken! I love my Grandmother and I miss her so much. Please know that every time you enjoy something from JonJohn’s Bakery, there is a whole bunch of love coming with it! I love you Grandma! Jonathan @ JonJohn’s Bakery, est. 1999.

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