Grandma’s Breakfast Cake for those Winter Mornings!

Hello Everyone! We hope this February first finds you healthy, happy and filled with life and energy! I know I feel exactly that way every time I eat Jonathan’s most amazing “Grandma’s Breakfast Cake”. For the record, it is one of the most delicious things I have eaten in my life. GBK is my shorthand for this moist but meaty monster cake of awesomeness. It is a  yellow pound cake with ample eggs and sour cream in each batch, with brown sugar and cinnamon swirled within, topped with your choice of confectioner sugar glaze. OMG. I liken it to “Lembas”, the life-giving food of the elves from Tolkein’s Middle Earth series. I always tell Jonathan that when I’m eating it!  He’s sick of hearing it. Here’s my favorite guilty secret dessert tip: Take a chunk of GBK and a pint of Pittsford Farm’s Dairy chocolate milk, and dip the cake in the glass of milk. This results in OMG squared. You can order one any time made fresh to order by Jonathan! Stay tuned for some important info coming soon on our blog and also on our Facebook page! Thanks for visiting. Be well. John @ JonJohn’s Bakery

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